There are certainly larger freight brokerages than GW Transportation, and all brokerages have their own methods of delivering quality service. But here at GW, we feel that our compact size works to our benefit. Here are a few examples of how the size of our company directly impacts the quality of service that we are able to provide to our customers:

We Share A More Open Communication

With a small-but-mighty company, interdepartmental transparency is inherent at GW. Management and dispatchers work hand in hand, instead of as separate factions. This translates to a streamlined coordination, and clarity with our customers. We all work together, and therefore we all are equipped with the necessary details along the way.

We Are Small Enough To Care

At GW, we have what we like to call a ‘small town’ prioritization of service. When a customer calls, they sometimes don’t know the exact specifications or receiving requirements for the delivery location; they simply know they need it to get to its intended destination.

That’s where we come inWe coordinate between the contact and the delivery point to ensure we are delivering to the correct location, find out if the delivery point has the proper docking station, and help determine the correct equipment to accept the freight. This is what we do best: ask questions and research!

We Hold A Personal Relationship With All Of Our Customers

We value our customers, to the point where they become more than customers; we’ve been told by those who continually work with us that the relationship we share is more of a friendship. For us, this is very much by design. We apply a ‘your freight is our freight’ mentality toward every transaction. We value the execution of every delivery because we value the people involved. A returning client will never get lost in the crowd or pushed off to someone they’re not familiar with. But again, with such a tight-knit unit, everyone begins to know everyone soon enough. We like it that way.
Let Us Help Get You There

GW Transportation is a nationwide provider of shipping and freight trucking services for your commercial shipment needs. Our experience and dedicated customer service as a 3rd party logistics broker brings you the best shipping services for your freight needs. Our freight capabilities enable us to handle your shipping needs, no matter the freight size or frequency. Get a quick freight quote or call (877) 260-1595. We look forward to speaking with you!