The ground freight industry has seen some major shake-ups in 2021. With more consumers staying at home and opting for delivery, along with the stressors of rising fuel costs, port congestion, and labor considerations, freight has become a focal point across various industries as a vital component of a smoothly functioning society.

In the midst of these market dynamics, a technological development in the industry is causing even more of a stir – driverless trucking. In August, Walmart unveiled trucks that operate without drivers and fulfill orders for their grocery business. While this may signal an exciting new frontier on the part of technological advancement, and we support those who opt to spearhead this new method, we at GW Transportation Services will not be engaging in driverless trucking anytime soon. Here’s why.

Reliable Logistics and Freight Management

Since 1982, GW has been staunchly committed to dependability. We provide our clients with customized solutions, handling each case with care and meticulous detail. Our team provides real-time stats about shipments and arrival times, maintaining open communication with the driver to ensure your order is delivered properly. With GW, you get dedicated human customer service you can trust.

On-Time Commitment

The freight specialists at GW take extreme accountability when it comes to punctuality. We know that being on time is important to your business and your reputation – that’s why we work hard to keep our schedules transparent and realistic. You will have a trained, human professional guiding your on-time delivery the whole way. At GW, we allow our clients to have eyes on every step in the delivery process so you know your shipment is in good hands. We only work with people we trust, so that you can trust us. From beginning to end, we will see your shipment through to an on-time delivery.

A Focus on Safety

Though there are pros and cons to deploying driverless vehicles, we value the safety of your shipment as well as the safety of others on the road above all else. While driverless trucking is making huge advancements, the fact remains that this mode of transportation still has a long way to go before safety can be guaranteed for all. For instance, if the technology within the driverless vehicle malfunctions, accidents can easily occur – and we have all witnessed how often computers malfunction. Of course, with more time and development driverless vehicles have the potential to revolutionize the future of transportation; until that day, however, GW is committed to delivering your shipment traditionally and safely. 

GW Transportation: Your Freight Partner

It is an unprecedented time for shipping. These days, shipping freight can be a tricky (and expensive) endeavor. With costs rising, there is a stronger need than ever for a provider that can deliver specialized loads quickly, smoothly, and on time. That’s where GW comes in.

We strive to be the most personable and responsive logistics provider in the transportation industry – and we do not take that claim lightly. We source worry-free transportation solutions for our clients and carriers every day, and our dedicated staff specializes in solving unique transportation problems around the clock.

When it comes to your shipment, trust the professionals at GW Transportation. We make sure to establish clear communication for peace of mind throughout the shipping process. To learn more about our service offering and to get in touch, visit our website or give us a call at 877-260-1595 today.