Liz DeVlaeminck Profile

Liz DeVlaeminck has seen some interesting loads in her time working in the transportation industry.

This was especially true when she worked in the specialized division at a transportation solution provider. In that position, she helped oversee oversized shipments that wouldn’t fit in a box. Occasionally the company would be tasked with moving aircraft engines, which was always an interesting experience. However, nothing compares to the time her lumber customer asked her team to move a steam engine.

“It looked like like a giant toy train, but it was functional antique,” DeVlaeminck says. “The drivers would send pictures and we would see this cool antique steam engine on the trailer.”

Liz’s Background

Although Liz has only been with GW Transportation for a short time, her experience in the trucking industry dates back several years. Her previous experience was on the asset side of the business, working as a customer service representative. With GW Transportation, she serves as the traffic coordinator, gathering information on incoming requests and matching loads to the appropriate carrier.

“I really never know exactly what to expect,” DeVlaeminck says. “Some days everything runs like a well-oiled machine and everything’s on time, and that’s all great and it’s smooth. But then there are the days where we’re super busy and there’s a ton of loads to cover, and then of course if something goes wrong and there’s a problem on a load, I step in and manage that and resolve that crisis or issue.”

Joining GW Transportation

Liz joined GW Transportation in June of 2017, after a former coworker told her about the great work culture at the transportation logistics service provider. The move proved to be a wise one, since DeVlaeminck quickly found that the culture at GW Transportation was the exact balance she needed. Although she and her team are very focused, she compares the atmosphere to the small, friendly town where she grew up.

“The people, are just really good, down to earth people,” DeVlaeminck says. “What I really like about GW is how tight-knit we are. I think we’re able to help our customers better because we can spend a little bit more time talking and listening to them than somebody at a giant corporation.”

Adventure and Travel

When DeVlaeminck isn’t working hard at her desk, she can often be found outside. She loves the great outdoors, especially if her furry friends are by her side. In addition to her two dogs, DeVlaeminck has a passion for animals in general. She also loves traveling and scuba diving. But she places a high value on the relationships she’s formed at work. When asked what one item she couldn’t live without in her office, she named her coworkers.

“At our office, It could be a competitive environment but its not because we respect one another and at the end of the day what matters is making sure our customers are satisfied & getting what they need,” DeVlaeminck says. “Everyone is willing to step in and help out no matter if it was their load/customer to be in charge of or not.”

GW Transportation strives to ensure its clients have the tools they need to be successful. With representatives like Liz DeVlaeminck on their side, GW’s customers will always have a partner to help when they need a driver for their shipments.