Julie Woodall is our newest employee and we are so excited to have her on the team!  We like to get to know our employees and Julie gave us the opportunity to ask her a few questions about herself and we’re excited to share a little bit about our newest GW team member with you.

Welcome to the team, Julie!

A New Coordinator

Julie is our newest traffic coordinator, she became a part of our team only about three months ago but we feel like she’s been with us for years because she fit in so well right from the start. She spends her days helping with LTL and getting trucks lined up for the day’s jobs. She really keeps the business moving by communicating with receivers and trucks to make sure the day runs smoothly. She came to GW from SJ&F where she spent over ten years as a traffic coordinator. Her professionalism and great job skills definitely show!

Life is What You Make it

Julie’s personal philosophy is to make life good. She loves tackling a long day and arriving home with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. She spends her time playing pool, dancing and spending time with her family.

She prides herself on a job well done and goes above and beyond for our customers, communicating with them at every step of the way. Her commitment and work ethic make her such an important part of our team and we’re so grateful to have her!

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