Breaking All Expectation

Dawn recently went back to school and got her Bachelor’s degree in business management.  This was something she never thought she would accomplish but her determination and hard work proved that she could exceed even her own expectations.

When Dawn was a child, her parents were told she had developmental disabilities and would find it extremely difficult to finish school.  Dawn didn’t let this hinder her determination, she finished trade school, junior college, and her four-year degree all with honors. Her four-year degree was obtained all the while working full time!

Innovation in a Traditional Industry

Dawn started at GW in 2002 as our Office Administrator. In January 2018 she was promoted to Administrative Manager, which means she wears many hats!

Her role varies from day to day, focusing much of her time on approving carriers for jobs and communicating with the team.

She is constantly doing research into trends in our ever-changing industry. This has become fundamental to the growth of our business.  She’s currently heading up the initiative to implement a fully accessible customer portal to allow clients to communicate with GW online.

If customers are looking for something that isn’t currently offered at GW, Dawn put’s her researcher hat on to give our customers exactly the services they’re looking for.

Technology is becoming essential in the transportation industry and Dawn takes it upon herself to make sure GW is ahead of the curve when it comes to industry advances.  We are a customer-focused industry and we always strive to do more for our customers. Dawn has been instrumental in that ambition.

“Business, in general, is transforming so quickly, especially logistics and our ability to use technology only gives us and our customers an advantage,” says Dawn of the importance of keeping up with the latest technology.

A Culture of Connection

“Our tagline is that we give personal service, and that is something we take very seriously.”

With technology ruling these days, GW is still committed to providing personalized service to every customer.  Some customers, of course, are more interested in automation and we develop what we do based upon what the customer wants so we can personalize our services.  We work closely with customers to fully understand their needs and personalize every service. Dawn is really the glue of our business because she focuses much of her time on approving carriers for specific job requirements and ensuring a good fit for our customers.

Dawn describes our inner office culture as a friendly and supportive environment.  Since Dawn has been with GW for about 16 years, she has cultivated friendships of her coworkers and they truly all work together to make GW a wonderful place to work.