Brian Wolf Profile

With about 16 years of experience in the transportation industry, Brian keeps things at GW Transportation Services moving.

He started out as a dispatcher but gradually became a jack of all trades, filling in wherever he’s needed. Interestingly, Brian was introduced to GW Transportation Services when he used them to haul some roofing products for the warehouse where he worked. Soon after, he became an employee.

“I was doing a lot of physical labor,” Brian says. “I wanted to find something that was more conducive to sitting at a desk. I fit the criteria they needed for having a background in the trucking industry.”

A Day in Brian’s Life

As with many businesses in the fast-paced logistics industry, no two days are alike at GW Transportation Services. As a dispatcher, Brian checks on deliveries and answers phone calls, speaking to the many trucking companies and customers that call each day. But when it’s time to go the extra mile, Brian and the team at GW Transportation Services never hesitate.

“We check on every delivery before we start working a load to make sure that they have a way to unload it, to verify all the information as far as what kind of trailer they can use, their hours, make sure we have a good contact on the receiving end and the shipping end,” Brian says. “We try to go the extra mile for every customer.”

The Culture at GW Transportation Services

Although GW Transportation Services started out as a small, family business, it’s grown over the years. The staff has gotten more diverse, both in age and personality, and the culture has evolved, as well. The demands of shipping logistics today mean that the hours and driver tracking have shifted in response. In his 30-year career, Brian has had the opportunity to work for a range of companies, and he’s found the each are very different and very similar at the same time. But what sets GW Transportation Services apart is its attention to its customers.

“We’re so personable and we keep track of everything,” Brian says. “Even before the websites were out there, we did a good job of tracking the drivers, and we could have an answer for them in a heartbeat for where the truck as what time it’s going to deliver. One of our big things is you always get somebody on the phone that’s live.”

Work-Life Balance

As hard as Brian works, he makes sure to put time into play, as well. A newlywed, Brian and his wife indulge their love for animals with two horses and three dogs. When they aren’t taking care of their animals and grandkids, Brian and his wife spend time at their laid-back cabin, where they can ride their Harleys and relax. Still, among his many accomplishments, Brian believes his loyalty throughout his career is one of his best attributes.

“I think a lot of my longevity at jobs,” Brian says. “You know, the shortest job I’ve ever had is five years, 15 years at the other one, and 16 years here.”

As GW Transportation Services moves into the future, Brian’s dispatching knowledge will become more valuable than ever. Clients now want full visibility into the movement of their freight, as well as flexibility as they need to shift things at a moment’s notice. When combined with personalized customer service, Brian and his team are well-equipped with the philosophies necessary to win customers in a competitive marketplace.