It’s that time of year when we look around us and give thanks for all of the wonderful things in our lives.  One wonderful thing in our lives here at GW is our incredible customer base.

In business, it’s very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and forget about the big picture. Especially in B2B, we understand that our customers have their own customer needs to adhere to, so we’re all very focused on the task at hand.

We also understand, however, how grateful we all are for our customers. We all want to show our customers some appreciation, sometimes though, it’s hard to decipher how to show your customers just how grateful you are for them.  We’ve compiled a list of a few ways to give back to your customers to express your appreciation this holiday season.

Give Testimonials

The best gift you can give your B2B customers is more customers! A great way to say thank you is to give them a testimonial that can be showcased.

By giving your customers positive testimonials, you’re increasing their visibility and could potentially get them some new business!

This time of year, we are all thinking about how to end the year on a high note and grow even more in the coming year.  Give your B2B customers a leg up and say thank you through a genuine and thoughtful testimonial that speaks to your business relationship.

Service Upgrades

We all have those customers who we think of as VIP, they are the ones who keep coming back and who you love working with.  These customers really drive the productivity of your business, so why not reward them for it? Service upgrades for repeat customers or long-term customers are a great way to show them that you’re grateful for their continued business.

Industry or Office Events

Inviting customers or clients to events is a great way to thank them and get to know them better at the same time.  The holidays are brimming with great events both big and small. If your customer base is local, don’t be afraid to invite them to your holiday party.  Inviting newer customers is a great way to solidify your relationship and let them see the culture of your business.

Being in business for over 30 years has allowed us to work with some incredible businesses.  We have always been committed to giving our customers personalized service and in return, they’ve given us the opportunity to grow each and every year. We want to thank our customers for helping GW grow and become the company we are today!