Finding the best talent is a challenge faced by companies in every field, but sourcing talent is only half the battle. Figuring out ways to retain great employees is the other half, and sourcing top-notch and reliable transportation drivers heightens that difficulty to a certain degree. Truck driving, and freight transportation services in general, is demanding work. Drivers are required to meet tight deadlines and spend long stretches on the road. 

Knowing how to cater to drivers in order to retain them is key. Read on to learn some helpful ways to source and retain the best drivers.

Fine-Tune Company Culture

There’s a chance more than half of our ground transportation workforce could leave their jobs within six months of being hired. This is a costly reality. It is therefore more important than ever to choose the right employees from the beginning. What does the right employee look like? You have the power to answer that question by examining and refining your organization’s culture and values. Ensuring drivers are a fit for your organization’s culture is key. Focus on the long-term success of your employees by prioritizing their safety and well-being. Ensure they are comfortable and enjoy working with your company so that they can in turn provide customers with top-notch service.

Set Realistic Expectations

Once you onboard an employee, you have to continue working to earn their trust. If you’ve selected the right people for the job, and you were clear about their role and responsibilities during the interview process, earning their trust will not be difficult because you know they fit in with your company’s vision. Now, you need to follow through and maintain goals that are achievable. If you anticipate their responsibilities changing, be open and honest about that. Remember, it’s all about trust. 

Celebrate Employee Success

Drivers put in long hours, often with little recognition. Don’t make this mistake. Even seemingly small accomplishments like safely getting from point A to point B should be celebrated. You set goals for your employees during onboarding and if they achieve these goals, you should recognize them for it. 

At GW Transportation, we succeed because our ground transportation experts give their all, every single day. Their dedication to our longevity is invaluable and we wouldn’t be where we are without their perseverance.

GW Transportation: Your Logistics Partner

There has never been a stronger need for a logistics provider that can deliver specialized loads quickly, smoothly, and promptly. That’s where GW comes in. Our drivers hone their craft and ensure on-time deliveries every time. We source worry-free transportation solutions for our clients and carriers every day, and our dedicated staff specializes in solving unique transportation problems around the clock – so you don’t have to.

When it comes to organizing your shipment, trust the professionals at GW Transportation Services. We make sure to establish clear communication for peace of mind throughout the shipping process – even in a changing market. To learn more about our service offerings, including our freight transportation services and to get in touch, visit our website or give us a call at 877-260-1595 today.