GW Transportation had the opportunity to attend the In.sight User Conference this year in Houston, Texas. The conference served a perfect mixture of forward-thinking practices within the transportation brokerage industry, and collective appreciation of how the industry has evolved to where it is today. GW gained knowledge from our peers, industry insight, and learned how to better use Trimble’s software.

Sharpening Our Technical Edge

Trimble has been active in the transportation industry for over 40 years. They produce solutions for freight, supply chain, and other related industries. They host the In.sight User Conference annually, and invite those that use or are impacted by their products to attend. GW Transportation uses Trimble’s software, and it was an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the program. Additionally, vendors set up booths showcasing their products, and seminars showed how to use these programs more effectively. The four-day conference was a huge success for learning more about how GW Transportation can continue to stay on the cutting edge and provide top-notch service to our customers.

Meeting Our Peers

Over 1,200 individuals came to Houston for the 2019 In.sight User Conference. The attendees hailed from all over the country and from different arenas within the transportation industry. Speaking with fellow professionals allowed GW to learn more about the changes to the industry through carriers and other brokers’ eyes. Topics ranged from new hours of service regulations to worries about the economy, to name a few. By connecting over mutual challenges, we expanded our network, which will allow us to provide a more complete service to our own customers.

Gaining Industry insight 

The freight industry is changing. The conference set aside time for discussion about this change amongst peers. Some hot topics were about self-driving vehicles and the role they would play, and about marijuana policy in the transportation industry as it becomes legal in more states (both transporting the product and the legal use of it).  Peers shared insights and opinions on new software, trends, and technology. Networking with other professionals in the industry allowed GW to gain a unique insight into the minds of those that make the industry run. These meetings helped everyone involved begin thinking about the future of the industry, and how brokers need to evolve to continue to thrive.

Driving It Home 

Spending time at the conference brought to light that the challenges we face in our daily work are not simply localized concerns. Other brokers are also staying alert and upgrading their technology in order to thrive along with the evolving industry practices. The personal nature of being able to directly ask developers questions about their own products, and learn better practices in using their software, was worth the price of admission alone.

We are excited to bring back what we have learned and use it to give our customers a better experience. We had a great time at Trimble’s In.sight user conference, and we can’t wait to go back!

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