Here at GW, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers.  After getting some feedback from customers, it became obvious that they were looking for a simple way to access their information online.  The new customer portal was a direct result of these requests and we’re thrilled to continue to provide tools to make our customers’ jobs easier and to build strong relationships with them through the work we do. 

The portal was set up on the same program that runs a similar tool for our sister company, Koch Logistics.  Koch had noticed that the same request for an online tool had repeatedly come up from customers, so they implemented the software for a customer portal.  Using their design, we started diving into the features and capabilities that would best suit our customer needs.  

Through this exploration stage, we found this kind of tool to be a value-added service the customers really desired.  By utilizing the portals, customers can simply and quickly access any information they need at any time. This has added ease and convenience to our customer experience.

We are committed to giving our customers the personal attention they expect from GW, and we are excited to offer this new feature to those seeking a more automated process.  We are moving forward in an age of technology while still offering the best and most personable service possible.  

To learn more about our company and the difference we make for our customers, visit our website!