When you serve the transportation industry for over thirty years, things tend to change. The key to keeping up in this industry is to embrace those changes and make updates within your company. In a sense, you have to make sure that your company keeps moving just as your freight keeps moving.  

For quite a few years now we have wanted to give our logo a new look. We are and have been incredibly focused on our customers and innovating to provide them with the best service around, and because of this focus on innovation, the logo started to become a lower and lower priority. As time went by, we continued to return to the idea of getting a shiny new logo, and the time has finally come! 

We carved out the time and resources to bring on a wonderful graphic designer who could get to know GW on a deep level and create something that represents our company. We collaborated as a team to discuss our goals and the design that would be appropriate for the logo. After a few drafts, we came up with what we think is an excellent representation of GW. 

The Design

The thought behind the logo design was to create a professional and subtle design that utilized our branding and what we do within our industry. We include the silhouette of a truck in the “G” which represents movement and transportation. We match trucks with freight, keeping carriers moving and keeping the industry moving forward, for this reason, we thought combining the truck with a road would be perfect. The “W” in our logo has a subtle roadway creating the bottom of the letter.

We are so proud of the growth we have experienced in the logistics industry and we wanted a fresh, modern logo that showcased our brand. We feel we have accomplished that with our brand-new logo!