Here at GW, we live and breathe transportation logistics. While some have a passion for cooking or fashion, we’ve had that passion for keeping the transportation industry moving since our company’s conception in 1983.

We have been committed to providing the best logistics services for over 30 years and we are constantly seeking ways to be innovative. Businesses that need their product shipped in an effective, safe and timely manner come to GW because we’ve been consistent about providing impeccable service to our customers.

Our services are frequently required in the middle of the country, starting and ending in Texas and Minnesota, and although we are typically transporting product north and south, we have the capabilities to move product nationwide.

When freight needs are particularly special, we have the solutions to match. We believe in going above and beyond for our customers. As we’ve been in business, we’ve discovered that many businesses require specialty shipping, trucking, and freight services. We saw that need and offered a solution. We now provide specialty shipping in the forms of heavy equipment transportation, auto and RV transportation, and more.

No matter the size or frequency, we are confident in our services to handle your shipping needs.  For more information on the services we provide or to speak with a team member, visit our website!