Working With Alloy Hardfacing

One of the true pleasures of being in the transportation brokerage industry is being able to work with quality local businesses. Establishing these connections, especially when GW Transportation can help businesses in our state, is what gets the people at GW Transportation up in the morning. Alloy Hardfacing is one of those businesses. Alloy Hardfacing has been serving processors for over 68 years and supplies some of the most innovative and unique systems in the process equipment industry. We had the privilege of sitting down with Ben Barnard from Alloy Hardfacing to talk about why Alloy Hardfacing continues to work with GW Transportation. 

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We Remove Obstacles

Ben Barnard is the Inside Sales Manager and Direct Sales Assistant Safety Coordinator at Alloy Hardfacing. As a leader in process equipment, and often some of the only creators, installers, and designers of equipment for rendering plants, wastewater treatment, and odor control, Alloy knows the value of high-quality service and is no stranger to a job done to the highest standards of quality. One of the challenges that Alloy Hardfacing often finds, though, is that their custom equipment is often large and difficult to transport from factory to client. Additionally, Minnesota is not an easy place when it comes to outbound transportation. 

“No matter what it is, when we work with GW, we are confident that it is taken care of,” Barnard said. He went on to say that Alloy Hardfacing moves about 60% of its traffic through GW because of the reliability, as well as GW’s ability to find carriers for unique, large loads such as gravity separators and other large products that Alloy produces. Alloy Hardfacing and GW work seamlessly together because of this. At GW, we pride ourselves in providing not only solutions to unique and oversized shipments but providing service to our clients and customers that ensures that they don’t have to worry about any of the details. “GW’s service is unmatched in my time in the industry,” Barnard said. 

Quality That Isn’t Costly

We pride ourselves in our customer service and in the relationships, we build with our clients and customers. That is why we are proud to be a part of the legacy of Alloy Hardfacing, which was founded in 1952. In addition to the service we provide, we strive to be the best value for our clients and customers in order to make their decision even easier. Barnard was in the transportation brokerage industry before he moved up to inside sales, and he said that they would often lose bids to GW Transportation because of the quality of the rates. “When it comes to rates, it’s very hard to beat GW,” Barnard said. 

GW Transportation truly appreciates the cooperation and years of partnership that Alloy Hardfacing has provided, and we are looking forward to years more of service and partnership. We thank Ben Barnard for allowing us to use his words and taking the time to speak about GW Transportation. If you would like to learn more about how we operate, or why our partners stick around for the long haul, explore our website today.