Technology is changing the way transportation brokers and 3rd party logistics companies do business. The move towards automation presents opportunities to reinvent the industry. Practices, like leveraging data, automating processes, and diversifying the transportation business, will shape the future of freight.

Harnessing Data Infrastructures

Automation is the buzzword in everyone’s ear. With self-driving cars becoming a reality, many industry leaders are preparing for driverless or reduced-driver future. This presents a unique opportunity for transportation brokers and 3PLs. If industry professionals can learn to leverage the new data infrastructures being built through automation, they can pioneer a new way of doing business.

As these data infrastructures grow, freight is becoming more connected than ever. Brokers and 3PL companies can better serve their clients using that data. Optimizing drive times, providing more accurate ETAs and real-time warehouse management are just a few of the possibilities. This creates innovation opportunities and powers a faster and more intelligent supply chain.

Convenience Through Automation

Apps are driving the automation boom in the freight industry. Using smart capacity tools to update warehouse needs, algorithms can match products to trailers. As these systems develop,

more transparency will be introduced to the negotiating market for brokers and 3PLs. This will reduce friction at the negotiating table, taking up less time for drivers and brokers and save everyone money.

An Expanding Industry

As smart programs become widely implemented, brokerages and 3PL companies will see more collaboration between manufacturers, shippers, and vendors. More visibility from all stops on the supply chain opens new partnerships and business opportunities. Having the ability to see live representations of production schedules, warehouse inventory and fleet availability will increase efficiency and promote collaboration across the supply chain.


With the proper research and preparation, 3PL companies and transportation brokers can positively leverage change in the new market. At GW Transportation, we believe in outstanding customer service and staying on the cutting edge. For 3PL solutions or to ask any questions about GW as a transportation broker, contact us at 877-260-1595.