There is no denying that we live in the age of technology, much like the industrial age, technology seems to be changing nearly everything.  The way we grocery shop, communicate, and even the way we think has changed due to technology. These changes have slowly but surely made their mark on logistics.

Third-party logistics providers offer a long list of transportation services, from packaging to freight quoting and tracking, customer service to financial settlement and issue resolution.

We at GW Transportation rely on innovative technology to manage these services, create custom reporting, and to remain flexible in a rapidly changing environment.

The powerful logistics software we use, also known as transportation management software (TMS), not only helps manage day-to-day operations but can also create meaningful reports that allow you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) to manage costs and improve processes. TMS software tracks shipments from the initial order through delivery and final billing. It provides tools to track equipment, driver activity, and manage truckloads.

Monitoring KPIs with Custom Reports

In order to measure your success and drive efficiency, you need to know what you should be monitoring and your goals for them. We can help you identify key performance indicators for your company, your objectives and help you create a plan to reach those objectives. Setting a baseline of your company’s performance will help you see improvement or create plans to solve inefficiencies.

By tailoring reports beyond the basic TMS data, we are able to highlight where you’re succeeding and areas that are in need of improvement. Engaging in these quality improvement measurement and tracking practices will help your company be more successful.

Staying Flexible in a Rapidly Changing Environment

The shipping and transportation industry moves fast. In order to remain flexible and meet changing customer demands, logistics software is essential.

A sudden urgent request can quickly throw a carefully planned day into chaos. When you add traffic patterns, seasonal freight flows, the weather, and equipment requirements it can be a recipe for disaster.

Our experienced team uses powerful software, decades of experience, and a hands-on approach to stay on top of a rapidly changing world and meet the needs of our customers. Our team of experts uses their freight industry expertise and information technology assets to provide a full-service experience that is customized for our customers.

Experience Matters

We have been in the transportation logistics business for 36 years. This experience means that we understand the needs of our customers, their efficiency expectations and the desire for every shipment to go smoothly every time.

If you’re interested in using powerful technology to manage your shipping and transportation needs, we can help. We’ll create a custom plan that will exceed your expectations and help your business thrive.