The pressures on the transportation industry have intensified immensely in the past couple of years. As demand for delivered products has risen dramatically, growth of businesses fulfilling this need has led to the need for more trucks on more routes. Furthermore, as the economy bounces back from the 2020 dip, companies are hiring across the board, leading to many resignations and career changes. Finding qualified drivers at a time of surging demand and low unemployment is difficult, which can cause backlogs to grow and timelines to lengthen.

During this dynamic and uncertain time, finding top-tier freight solutions is simultaneously more important and more involved than ever. If your business is experiencing a slowdown or backup as a result of the driver shortage, there are several steps you can take. The logistics professionals at GW Transportation Services offer some sage advice.

Bolster the Offering

The most obvious method to attract more and better drivers is to incentivize them. If you employ your drivers in-house, try offering more competitive wages and benefits. Do some market research and figure out what your local competitors are offering, and try to beat them. Nowadays, benefits such as health insurance, family leave, and retirement benefits can help sway workers. A sign-on bonus is also a relatively low-cost option from a business perspective, but can mean a great deal to an individual driver.

Be Honest with Your Customers

Integrity is the best policy, and when it comes to business disruptions, being upfront with your customers as to your delivery situation will serve you in the long run. If order timelines are being delayed, try to be conservative when estimating delivery dates to customers. It is much more preferable to apologize for the extended timeline and then deliver earlier than the customer expects, than to apologize a second time for missing your extended timeline. Get ahead of any potential scheduling mishaps that relate to driver shortage, alert your customers of the situation well in advance, and plan accordingly.

Work with a Logistics Provider

The best way to source alternative solutions to logistics problems is to work with a logistics specialist. Instead of working from within a framework of a single company with a roster of drivers, logistics firms work with a variety of partners and affiliates to create customized solutions that fit the needs, timelines, and budgets of their clients. At GW Transportation Services, we strive to be the most responsive and helpful provider in the logistics business. Our partners are vetted for quality and service, and our team monitors each shipment carefully to ensure your deliverables arrive safely and on-time to their final destination. Utilizing our network, we can help source high-quality drivers in a tight market

GW Transportation: Your Logistics Partner

There has never been a stronger need for a logistics provider that can deliver specialized loads quickly, smoothly, and promptly. That’s where GW comes in. We source worry-free transportation solutions for our clients and carriers every day, and our dedicated staff specializes in solving unique transportation problems around the clock – so you don’t have to.

When it comes to organizing your shipment, trust the professionals at GW Transportation Services. We make sure to establish clear communication for peace of mind throughout the shipping process – even in a changing market. To learn more about our service offering and to get in touch, visit our website or give us a call at 877-260-1595 today.