When deciding on a freight brokerage to complete your standard shipping or commercial trucking needs, it can be tempting to lean your priorities toward getting the job done as inexpensively as possible, above all else. While valuing a fair price for your shipping requirements is a good practice in your partnership with any broker, there are many essential factors in a successful brokerage transaction that might be lost or undervalued in pursuit of the cheapest available option. Before making your decision, here are a couple of those facets to consider, as you might miss them if pursuing a bargain-basement quote:


If cost is your first priority in freight brokerage, the first thing you might notice is a lack of options available to you. Part of why you invest in a brokerage is for their network of resources at hand to execute the task at hand. If you are working with a broker at the lowest cost, you are doing so on their schedule. Timeframe, freight variation, availability and quality assurance are all casualties of a cost-cutting budget.


Your broker serves as the go-between representative for both trucking companies and the clients in need of their freights. Brokers act as liaison, problem-solver, and advocate for you throughout the entire duration of your lease. To “get what you pay for” in your freight brokerage is to dilute the level of reliance that you are able to place in your broker. Remember, if they are offering a price that far below other competitive quotes, there is likely a reason they need to do so.


It might seem strange that over-prioritizing cost could end up costing you more, but it tends to prove true: In addition to trust and flexibility, experience and attention to detail are unmistakably present in a quality brokerage. To lose out on any one of these can lead to mistakes that can often cost more, and cause a greater burden, than simply paying for quality assurance the first time around. We are all about searching for value in our business dealings, but consider the lasting value of not having to search for a new broker because your discount transaction was less than satisfactory.

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