Your product won’t always fit the standard 53’ trailer, because your product is distinct, and may require distinct solutions. When specialty and unique loads need transportation services, you need someone who knows how to get your freight from A to B no matter what. GW Transportation specializes in being problem solvers: we make sure that our clients are able to ship what they need when they need it. Below is an example of how GW Transportation has worked with unique and difficult shipping specifications, ensuring that the shipment was delivered on time, with minimal stress on our client.

The Challenge

One of our clients contacted us about a shipment of Kubota Utility Vehicles. Just like cars, these smaller vehicles need to be transported from job to job. Carriers in America are used to transporting vehicles like cars and can do this easily. But this is not necessarily true for smaller, lighter Utility Vehicles.

This is a unique shipment because of the narrower wheelbase, and since there is less traffic of these vehicles than cars (which also have a standard wheelbase) it is harder to transport them. So much so, in fact, that there are only certain carriers that will move them. Within those companies, only a small percentage of drivers are familiar or willing to handle this type of shipment. With this much scarcity, it’s difficult to find carriers that are easily accessible to carry Utility Vehicles.

The Solution

When difficult situations call for creative solutions, you want someone with experience on your team. We at GW Transportation have been working in transportation logistics and brokerage services for years and have connections across all types of carriers. Utilizing these connections, GW Transportation reached out through our network to find a carrier and a driver that felt comfortable securing and transporting the Utility Vehicles for our client. Without an experienced 3PL provider, these utility vehicles may have been behind schedule and cost much more to ship than the client budgeted for.

Work With the Pros

Working with an experienced 3PL provider ensures you can ship what you need to without the headache.  Outsourcing transportation logistics is an easy way to take the stress off your company and focus on what you do best. Let us handle the nuts and bolts of getting your product from Point A to Point B. GW Transportation has worked with many different companies to help them simplify and streamline their transportation logistics. Don’t leave transportation up to chance; work with a company that has proven experience and deep industry connections. To learn more about how GW Transportation Services can help your company simplify your freight and transportation needs, call us at 877-260-1595 or visit our website at