Traffic coordinator Liz Devlaeminck is a trucking industry veteran. After working for a trucking company straight out of college for 2 years, she joined GW Transportation Services in June of 2017. She was immediately struck by the attention to detail exhibited by the staff at GW, and being a details person herself, she quickly adapted to the role.

In her current position as Traffic Coordinator, Liz handles dispatching and communications with drivers, as well as customer interfacing and diagnostics of freight solutions. In her words, “every day is different,” and she solves client shipping inquiries by assessing the best possible freight response, arranging for pickup and delivery by coordinating with drivers, and liaising with the client on the back-end. The most unique loads she has organized over the years include school buses (shipping them, not driving them!) and 50-foot-long stadium press boxes.

Liz grew up in a small town, and has always been thankful that GW has a more personal, small-company feel. This culture informs their dedicated customer service and collegial environment. While working in detail-oriented logistics might prove stressful at other companies, Liz emphasized that she loves the flexibility of her role and the helpful attitude of her GW coworkers. On her decision to establish her career at GW and what sets them apart in the marketplace, Liz said, “We’re really good at communicating – we try to keep everyone as updated as possible. We’re a smaller company…there is a lot more one-on-one, personal communication between us, our customers, and our drivers. That’s why I wanted to make the switch.”

Outside of work hours, you can likely find Liz enjoying the outdoors or crafting a home-cooked meal. She loves to take her daughter to the park, walk with her dogs, explore hiking trails, and garden in her free time.

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