In a business where decisions are often made based on numbers, being a preferred shipper can add a human element back into the equation. Drivers are more likely to respect your company back if wait times are shorter and you respect their time. Here are a few tips from GW Transportation on things you can do to become a preferred shipper.

Respect Driver’s Time

Taking an extra two minutes to prepare something might not seem like a lot of time for you, but when it happens to drivers over and over, day after day, that time can add up. Here are some things to help speed up your end of the deal and become a preferred shipper.

Convenient Parking: No one likes difficult parking, and this is especially true when your vehicle comes in two segments and is 30+ feet long. Carriers talk, and they know shippers that are a pain to pull into, and those that are no sweat. Structure your loading and unloading areas for easy access to reduce the amount of time drivers take to dock.

Be Prepared: You know what supplies are needed to load or unload what you are shipping before the truck arrives. Taking the extra time to equip your employees and the loading/unloading area saves time and shows the driver that you respect the work they do.

Be Honest: If you are experiencing longer than usual wait times, or there is a delay due to facilities or staff, tell the driver. Promising a short delay multiple times does nothing to appease tempers and signals to carriers that you don’t respect their intelligence or time.

Provide Amenities: Drivers spend hours on the road. Making a space, even if it’s just a chair, for them to get out of their cab and stretch their legs while your team loads your cargo, goes a long way. Provide a place where they can use the restroom, a Wi-Fi password, and access to water or coffee. This can go a long way in making you a preferred shipper.

Things To Avoid

When drivers are left waiting and miss their delivery times or are running behind schedule, you as a shipper are asking them to work for free. Make sure you are prepared for drivers and that they aren’t forced to push timelines due to any issues on your end. If drivers do make a mistake, it’s important to be open and communicative, instead of strict and punishing. Enforcing strict rules and being unwilling to listen to a driver’s situation will not put you in a good light.

Work With A 3PL

Maximizing efficiency when it comes to your logistics helps shipping flow smoothly, and organize your pickups and drop-offs so that there isn’t confusion. This takes time, and experience, to get perfect. 3PL providers can provide this expertise, optimizing your logistics to help you work towards becoming a preferred shipper.

GW Transportation is a proud 3PL provider and has years of experience in the transportation brokerage and logistics arena. We know drivers, and we can coordinate to ensure that your location becomes the carrier’s new favorite spot. If you have any questions or want to contact us, visit our website for more information: